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You can reach us on social media the hashtag #medisunailesi.

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Future Vision

Our human-oriented health service, which we started by building a solid foundation, today and in the future with a young and dynamic structure; It is planned to work as parts of a whole that will be at the focal point of innovation, development and digitalization.

Measurable Excellence and Performance Results in Quality

We have established a service beyond high standards, a continuously measurable excellence, and a structure that evaluates every data to update our systematic approach.

Our most sensitive value; Hygiene

In this period and every period, the standards of our hospital's understanding of quality and cleanliness regarding hygiene, which is the number 1 requirement of health, will always bring us forward.

Guest Satisfaction

For guest satisfaction rates, which we follow frequently and carefully, we have put at your service every current communication platform. We aimed to keep our satisfaction quality at the highest level by carefully examining the return information of each of our guests.


Antikor Testi ve Covid-19

Pandemi döneminde test sayılarının düzenli ve fazla sayıda olması salgını kontrol altına almak ve veri elde etmek açısından çok önemli bir…

Op. Dr. İhsan Kuzucu ile Bademcik Ameliyatının Bilinmesi Gerekenleri

Özel Medisun Çayyolu Hastanesi’nin kıymetli Doktoru, Op. Dr. İhsan Kuzucu…

Diyetisyenlerin hayatımızdaki rolü ve önemi?

Yaşamın her evresinde sağlığın temelini oluşturan beslenme…

Covid-19 Döneminde Ev Temizliği ve Dezenfeksiyonu

Şüpheli veya Onaylanmış Koronavirus Hastalığı Olan evler için Geçici…

How can
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Our main goals and values that we have determined to realize our vision and mission; It is a vital part of building an effective, efficient, transparent work culture. These values guide each of our employees in their work processes. Our Main Target; unconditional patient and employee satisfaction.