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Thanks to its equipment and technology, our Clinical Biochemistry and Microbiology laboratories produce healthy and reliable services in accordance with world health standards; with its experienced staff and expert staff; It provides service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends.

All devices in the departments are connected to the hospital computer network and the results are first evaluated and checked by our Biochemistry and Microbiology Specialists and then the results are transmitted to our patient's doctor.

Regular maintenance and calibration measurements of the devices in our laboratory inventory are carried out. All tests are calibrated daily or weekly with internal quality control sera, and patient samples are analyzed after the results are determined to be appropriate. In addition, our laboratory is a member of the external quality control program and the accuracy of our test results is checked by an international quality control center.


In our Blood Transfusion Center unit; blood group determination, blood incompatibility, coombs tests (direct coombs, indirect coombs) and cross match procedures are performed. The blood needs of our patients are met from the Red Crescent Blood Center.

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Spec.Dr. Fatih AKKUŞ

Laboratory - Microbiology

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